Ownership is key

Tools are Important
Russ represents somewhat of an anomaly in that he produces, mixes, masters, writes, and records his own music. With the exception of writing and recording, these are all services vocal recording artists…

OMAD Diet Chart

Do you wake up most mornings and feel like you never went to sleep? Do you eat and afterward feel unable to do much else except fall asleep where you are? If so, the food you’re consuming, both in quality and in amount, is affecting the consistency of your energy levels.

After 8 years of conscious experimentation with food, I’ve learned that when I eat only once during a 24 hour period, my energy for the entire day is perfect. In addition, I have whatever I’m going to eat for the…

L to R: Benny the Butcher, Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine

If you are a hip-hop fan, you are probably familiar by now with the name, Griselda. Benny the Butcher, Conway the Machine, and Westside Gunn form the nucleus of this genius rap trio from Buffalo, New York. Their story is one for the ages and one which couldn’t possibly be summed up in one write up. Indeed, their story needs both a book and a movie.

The group has been crafting music individually and collectively since…

Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a scholar, educator, finance Ph.D., and most notably, a champion for the upliftment of black people across the world. He has made quite a name for himself since he began speaking candidly and publicly about the cultural and economic milieu of black people on the planet.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky to a teen mother and an absent father, Boyce found early life harsh and difficult. His adopted father, though a strong male role model, was extremely tough on him.

He describes his adolescent years as very trying. He received poor grades in high school and was…

Don’t Be Afraid To Share

Through consistent writing and publishing, I’ve been learning the value of sharing. To some extent, we can get into our own heads and begin thinking that what we have to offer isn’t worthy of showing to others. I still battle with this from time to time.

When questions like, ‘Why would people be interested in what you have to say?’, or statements like, ‘No one is going to read what you write,’ pop up, it can take copious amounts of resolve to resist these thoughts and persevere.

I’m learning that the trick is to…

Album, Delusions of Grandeur ll by Sainto

Producer. Singer. Songwriter. Rockstar. Trapstar. Meet Sainto. He along with a handful of eclectic savants may be responsible for keeping the Atlanta underground music scene alive. Atlanta has long been known to produce top music talent.

Artists like T.I., OutKast, Migos, Future, Two Chainz, and Young Thug are just a few of the artists who have come out of Atlanta in the last 25 years. Sainto follows in this tradition. He was born in Hinesville, Ga. to military parents.

After moving to Kentucky, and living in Texas, Virginia, and Germany, he made his final pitstop in Atlanta…

The Power of Love

What makes for a strong and positive relationship with the one you love? How do you both get what you want out of the relationship and still remain happy? Is it as simple as treating her the way you wish to be treated?

Perhaps. Yet, if this is the ‘magic pill’ for happiness and longevity in our relationships, why is it that human romantic bonds so often deteriorate and end…

Certainty, Album by Ascended Breath and Jayess

What is hip-hop? Let’s define it as the ever-present spark which compels us all to act always in unabashed authenticity. HIP-HOP is raw energy. KRS-1, one of hip-hop’s foremost scholars, has described hip-hop as a civilization. He considers its elements as sub-cultures that give the civilization its diversity and vitality.

Hip-hop's primary elements are break dancing, emceeing, graffiti muraling, speaking lyrics, and deejaying. What separates hip-hop from other art forms is the rawness of emotion that is often displayed through its music. …

Is fitness a non-negotiable staple in your life? If it isn’t yet, perhaps this article will remind you of its necessity. Fitness means overall health — mental, spiritual, and physical. We are all in search of the perfect balance between our minds, bodies, and souls. You might say that cohesion between these three is the “holy grail” of existence.

When you begin your day, start with challenging the physical body and the day’s events will come about with much more grace and freedom. Some may prefer intense cardio, some yoga. …

Inning #1: Catch

The first thing you can observe when you watch a father and son play catch is that human beings are both fallible and resilient. Both father and son make errors and then recover in order to continue the game.

You can also become aware of the differences age bestows upon the young and old. …

Kalin M. Williams

Esoteric Philosophy | Love | Wellness | Global Society | Music

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